Red Dirt Labs

Oklahoma's Full Spectrum Processor in Edmond, OK

At Red Dirt Labs we base our core products on a philosophy that THC and CBD work together to provide medicinal relief.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana CBD:THC Ratios Tinctures Vape Carts Fifty Seven

 Use before during or after workout to help muscles recover. Contents include BCAA's in an  optimal 2:1:1 ratio of l-leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, with added CBD for inflammation. 

Full Spectrum Cannabis

Crafted with the finest cannabis and natural Terpenes

Full Spectrum Cartridges

CBD:THC Vape Carts 1:1 - 4:1 - 1:4 ratios + CBN

Full Spectrum Medical Marijuana Vape Carts made with a blend of CO2 extract and distillate.

Full Spectrum Drops

RDL Cannabis Drops provide a convenient, smoke-free cannabis experience. Apply directly under the tongue for foolproof dosing and targeted treatments for a variety of needs. Novice and experienced users alike love this easy method to sample different ratios for a more personalized cannabis-based treatment plan. 

Rise N Shine 1:1, High 100% THC, Calm 4:4, Goodnight 1:4 + CBN

THC Infused Creamer

That's right Coffee Creamer! Made with water soluble THC creamer, for a great pick me up in the morning. 

THC - Fruit Punch Drink Mix

Check out our new medical marijuana product, a water soluble THC drink mix.  Simply add this powder to your water bottle and shake well.

Home Baked Cookie Mix

Just add Butter and Vanilla!

This Mason jar hides a very special pouch of water soluble THC powder that you add to the remaining ingredients.  Bake in the comfort of your own home.

Recipe includes the perfect amount to create 10 cookies that should be around 15mg each.  

Happy Baking!

“Most of my life I was a roadie,” he said.

But he had a willingness to dive into the business, he said, and Red Dirt Labs began, now rocessing up to 600 pounds of marijuana a month into nearly 30,000 grams of THC.

The process requires a full laboratory operated by Lab Director Matthew Messuri. Messuri and lab tech Aiden Green work to break down the plant material in a number of ways to extract THC. The THC then can be dissolved into other products to create the tinctures, edibles or vape pens.